The Mechanics Servicing Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet


Two mechanics look into an empty hangar. 

Mechanic 1: So…is it really?

Mechanic 2: Yeah.  It’s there.

Mechanic 1: You’re not screwing with me?

Mechanic 2: Nope.  I saw her pull it into the hangar this afternoon.


Mechanic 1: Do we just…like…what do we do?

Mechanic 2: I guess just walk forward and hold your hands out.  Feel around, I suppose.


Mechanic 1: Do you think she has an “invisibility off” button or something?  That’d make things a lot easier.

Mechanic 2: How do you suppose you’d even find that button if there was one?


Mechanic 1:  I mean, I’m going to need the VIN number off of this thing in order to update the registration.  How am I going to find that?

Mechanic 2: Doesn’t this thing run on jet engine fuel?  Wouldn’t you be able to see the fuel sloshing around in the tank when she’s flying?  I get that the tank is invisible but does it turn the fuel invisible too?


Mechanic 1: Do you think we’ll ever be able to get this thing done?

Mechanic 2:  I don’t see it.



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