Penguins’ Captain: “Next game not the biggest of the season”


AP Ottawa – Penguins’ center Sidney Crosby delivered a refreshingly honest take on the significance of the game 4 tonight at Scotiabank Place.  

“It’s definitely not the most important game of the season,” said Crosby.  “We’re up 2-1.   There is physically no way we can be eliminated from the playoffs tonight.  Everyone keeps talking like this is life or death.  Take it easy already.”

Asked whether tonight is a “must-win” by members of the news media, Crosby responded with a mildly condescending answer.

“Must-win?  Did you just hear what I said?” Crosby replied.  “This is game 4 of a 7 game series, in which we’re up a game.  Do you understand?  It’s not must win.  What’s the worst that’s going to happen to us if we lose tonight?  We go back to Pittsburgh and play another game.  What happens if we lose that?  We go back to Ottawa and play another.  What happens if we lose that?  Oh yeah, we play next year just like always.”

40 year old Senator’s right wing Daniel Alfredsson echoed his opponent’s comments. 

“Yes.  He’s right.  This game is essentially meaningless.  There are literally no final consequences for them or for us.”

Members of the media responded by asking different questions like, “Is this game do or die?” and “Will your life be rendered meaningless if you don’t win tonight.”