Job Interview with a Vampire

Dreth, a 400 year old Bulgarian nightwalker, has recently been laid off from his most recent job.   Dreth is excited to finally get an opportunity to interview, especially with a great company like GXT.  GXT’s HR Manager, Karen walks into the room to greet him.  They both stand and exchange hand/claw shakes.

Karen: Hi Dreth?

Dreth: Yes that’s me.

Karen:  Hi I’m Karen.

Dreth: Yes Karen, of course.  I recognize your voice from our phone conversation.  Nice to finally meet you.  Thanks for being accommodating and scheduling my interview before dawn.

Karen: It’s no problem at all.  I’m usually here around 6:30 anyway.  Not a very big change in my schedule.  Just needed one more cup of coffee today.

Dreth:  Haha!  I hear you.

Karen: Now you live over in Greenlawn if I’m not mistaken.  Did it take you very long to get here?

Dreth: Oh not at all.  When I turn into a bat, I can cover a lot of distance in a relatively short amount of time.  I’m lucky in that I don’t have to deal with I-90.

Karen: You are lucky.  I wish I could turn into a bat and fly through the sky to avoid traffic.

Dreth: We’ll see how you feel about that during hawk-mating season.  Whoo!  It gets pretty hairy out there.

Karen:  Well, obviously you are applying for our Junior Analyst job.  You have an extremely extensive resume, I counted 60 pages of experience.  So why apply for a job that is essentially entry-level?

Dreth: You’re right.  At first glance it certainly seems like I’m taking a step back.  But I’ll be four-hundred and thirteen years old this March.  I’ve had to reinvent myself a number of times in order to stay employed all those years.  I was a cooper for decades in the 1800’s.  Unfortunately, the demand for handmade wooden barrels phased out with the whale blubber trade and I had to readjust.  I’m comfortable that I can learn anything if given the proper training.

Karen: What about compensation?  Can someone with your level of experience afford to take a lower paying job?

Dreth: Money has never really been a concern for me.  I purchased my 25 room mansion in Greenlawn in 1902 for one hundred and thirteen dollars, which was a lot at the time.  I haven’t had a mortgage payment in a century.  Plus, I was able to make some investments in the British Tea Trade back in the 1700’s, so I’m still sitting on a lot of Spanish bullion.  I’m really looking for a challenging new opportunity more than monetary compensation.

Karen: This job is very data driven, but it also requires the ability to present a convincing argument.  Tell me about a time where you were able to convince someone to do something your way.

Dreth: Sure.  I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the term “glamouring.”  But basically it’s a form of hypnosis which requires that I make eye contact with a human and have them do my bidding.  I can literally get them to do anything I want.  Invite me into their house, kill a family member, or choose my recommended solution.  The drawback is that it doesn’t work on other vampires, powerful witches, maenads, fairies or other supernatural creatures.  Although, I’m not sure how many people in your forecasting department are maenads.  Nevertheless, I’ve been able to convince literally hundreds of humans to allow me to make them part of my undead harem.

Karen: Great.  We’re looking for leaders who can develop the people around them.  Tell me about a time that you were able to get someone underneath you promoted.

Dreth: Absolutely.  In 1962, I bit and turned a relatively young, attractive man from Seattle.  He had lots of potential.  Wide-eyed optimism, lots of energy.  He was fun to drain.  However, he didn’t react to becoming a vampire very well.  He was used to having a heartbeat, brainwaves, breathing.  All the trappings of mortal existence.  He fell into a little bit of a funk.  He was lethargic on hunts.  He slept all night and stayed up all day.  However, he was very ambitious at his core.  Under my tutelage he mastered many of the unique powers that vampires possess within a few months.  Unfortunately he resented his turning so much that he decided to make a career out of slaying vampires like me.  Right now he’s one of the most respected and feared vampire slayers in all of the Northwest Territory.  Have you ever heard of “Dreadhand” Sullivan?

Karen: I’m afraid not.

Dreth: Well he’s very influential.  Gives TED talks, blogs about vampire slayings, the works.

Karen: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Dreth: Well definitely not in a mirror, that’s for sure.  Obviously I’m joking.  I’d like this to be the last stop on my career if possible.  It depends on if I feel like this is the place for me.  What other perks are there working for GXT?

Karen:  We have great benefits.  We’ve got an outstanding 401k program, adoption assistance, medical coverage including a fantastic dental plan.

Dreth: Karen, I hate to interrupt this interview but I’ve noticed that the sun is starting to rise.  I can’t be in sunlight as the photons will disintegrate my skin and may permanently release me from this tainted blue orb.

Karen: No problem at all.  We here at GXT can accommodate any disability recognized by the ADA.  You’ll hear from us soon.