Neighbors with Garbage Cans Out A Day Early Must Know Something You Don’t


Dayton, OH – Seeing that the Mendhelson’s are the only ones in the entire neighborhood with their garbage cans by the curb tonight, local residents of the Tall Timber housing development are wondering if they are missing out on something.  “Everyone puts their garbage out on Wednesday Night.  It’s Tuesday night,” said one bewildered neighbor.  “What does Mendhelson know that I don’t?”

Several residents wondered if Mendhelson had the inside track on some type of little-known government holiday that effected the trash collection.  Others had to double check that it was in fact Tuesday, instead of Wednesday.   Many decided to follow Mendhelson’s lead anyway, putting their garbage cans out as well for the sake of uniformity.

When reached for comment, Dan Mendhelson shrugged, “Is it only Wednesday?  Huh…kind of felt  like a Thursday.”

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