Total Jokes: 8/22


A cryptic Instagram video released by Taylor Swift shows nothing but a snake slithering against a black background.  Fans believe that the video is Swift is either trying to put her haters on notice or chronicling her escape from the Temple of Doom.

A 25-year-old man is in custody after he was caught trying to blow up a statue of Confederate Army Major Dick Dowling.  This news has lead to many American’s to believe that Major Dick Dowling would make a great porn name.

Comedy legend Jerry Lewis died this week.  His memorial service will take place at Synagogue Beth-El Flavin’ Nice Lady Hoy!

Cleveland Brown’s Quarterback Jack DeValve became the first white player to kneel during the national anthem.  Predictably, it just didn’t seem as cool afterwards.

The website is under fire for publishing hacked nude photos of Tiger Woods.  The Pulitzer Prize commission is reportedly debating on whether or not to retract’s many, many awards.


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