World’s First: Guys Who Saw A Mermaid

We go back in time and join the remnants of a small Assyrian boat crew lost on The Great Sea.  Their voyage has lasted for months and peril has followed them at every turn.  A great squall took their mates and supplies.  They have been without food or drink for two days.  The sun blinds them. Aunier & Mardohk are losing hope…

Mardohk: Brother, the wind stirs.  We must catch it while it lasts if we have any hope of returning home.

Aunier: What is the use?  There is no land in sight.  I have no strength to steer this vessel to safety.  We should allow the gods to take us now.

Mardohk: Wait shut up!  Did you just see that?

Aunier: See what?

Mardohk: Dude, I swear I just saw some smoking hot chick pop out of the water.

Aunier: All the way out here?

Mardohk: Look!  There she goes again.

Aunier: That’s a manatee.

Mardohk: No, it’s not.  It’s a lady.  What’s up sweet thang!    Dang, look at the rack on that!

Aunier: A lady with a big flipper tail in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea?

Mardohk: Ok so she might not be a lady.  She’s uh…a uh…mermaid.

Aunier: What’s a mermaid?

Mardohk: It’s a half fish, half beautiful lady.  I’m falling in love.

Aunier: You are delusional.  I know we’ve been without any food or water for a while but egads man. Pull yourself together.

Mardohk: Look here’s the bottom line.  I’m hungry.  I’m thirsty.  I’m sun-blind.  We’re either going to make sweet love to each other or to that…mermaid.   Your choice.

Aunier: Fine.  I get top half.

Mardohk: Deal!

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