“This is Us” Creator Hints That Tonight’s Finale Will Feature a Mass Genocide


NBC’s weekly tear-jerker “This is Us” will be airing its season finale tonight and creator Dan Fogelman says to prepare for the worst.  “In one season we tapped the well in terms of tragic life events.  Someone died from cancer, there was a heart attack, a suicide attempt, a nervous breakdown, a drunk driving death,” Fogelman said.  “So we thought to ourselves ‘How can we go bigger?'”

Fogelman is staying mum on the story arc but a source close to the writer’s room said viewers should ready themselves tonight for “a grim genocide.”  Details are scarce at this point but the source believes that since viewers of the show have numbed themselves to the stark heartbreak packed into each and every episode, Fogelman and team have decided to serve up a “sweeping scythe of cold death” in order to elicit any type of emotion.

Some fans of the show have already hatched their own theories.  One fan tweeted that “Milo Ventimiglia’s car is full of fertilizer bombs and he’s driving it to a Native American Reserve.”  Other fans believe that the character of Randall, played expertly by Sterling K. Brown, will go on a race-fueled poisoning spree after he quit his lucrative job last episode.

Fogelman didn’t deny it when asked directly.

“We’ll just have to see,” he shrugged.


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