Rick Sebek’s New PBS Doc: “Crack Houses You Will Like”


Pittsburgh, PA – After making a career creating a number of stellar human interest documentaries, Rick Sebak will be adding to his vast filmography with the release of his newest PBS special, Crack Houses You Will Like.  Filmed primarily in the Tri-state area, the lovable documentarian explores the softer side of some of the East Coast’s quaintest drug dens.

“I had done so many documentaries on food and amusement parks” Sebek said during an interview Monday.  “I really felt that I hadn’t explored one of the nation’s favorite pastimes: retreating into the icy claws of hardcore narcotics.”

Perhaps the most memorable segment of the special is when Sebek introduces us to Glenn Spadowski, a 53 year old heroin addict.  Spadowski is a former iron worker who was squatting in a burned out carpet warehouse in Braddock, PA (oddly enough, the warehouse was briefly featured in Sebek’s 1990 documentary Things That Aren’t There Anymore).  In a sleepy-poetic way, Spadowski’s segment reminds us of a simpler time when the stamp bags cost less, the needles were cleaner and the dealers didn’t mind if you “did some there.”

“Glenn Spadowski was a real character!” Sebek said.  “We have some great bonus footage of him trying to steal our audio equipment.  We’ll probably use that for the DVD.”

The documentary is classic Sebek: a light-hearted exploration of small town nostalgia except this time it has more tweakers boof’d out on spank sauce.

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