An Ode to the Guy Asking Me For Money in the Parking Lot of a Fairfield Inn



The stay was quite nice at the Fairfield Inn
I think we all had a restful sleep.
The breakfast was tasty, eggs and pastries
and the prices weren’t even that steep!

We’re still several miles away from the beach.
I’m wishing we took an airplane.
After hours of driving, screaming and whining,
We’re loading the car up again.

Our Nissan’s re-packed with towels, toys and crap,
(we never did use much discretion).
I slam the trunk shut and start to move but,
A car pulls in behind us and asks for directions.

The man looks beat up, on his head a bloody lump
This situation is starting to feel funny.
He looks in my eyes and to my surprise says,
“Is there any way I could get some money?”

“My daughter’s in Morgantown and her boyfriend is bad.
The bastard just busted her nose.
So can I have some cash, to fill up on gas?
I’m on empty, don’t mean to impose.”

I look to my left and I look to my right
A Sunoco’s a stone’s throw away.
I think it’s a scam but it’s just who I am,
I’m feeling charitable today.

What do you call it, when you pull out your wallet
so some stranger can go to the gas pump
and he doesn’t go pay, he just drives away?
You call it: being a chump.

He’s on the highway with my remaining charity
And whatever goodwill I have left.
Hope that $20 I gave up will be enough to save up
So he can buy that fatal dose of meth.

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