Local Sailboat Identifies as Male


Destin, FL – After multiple years at sea spent being referred to as a “she”, local sailboat Fate came out as transgendered.  Fate has requested that those he is close with refer to him using male pronouns from now on.

“I don’t think anyone in the crew was shocked,” said Fate’s captain, Kirk Barnard.  “Fate has always hinted at feeling different.”

Despite fearing backlash at the announcement, Fate told the first-mate, boatswain and finally Captain Barnard.  Instead of conflict, Fate found a supportive crew who was understanding of the decision.

“Yeah, I’m old fashioned so the whole thing is a little confusing,” remarked Captain Barnard.  “But when you think about it, the fact that we call boats ‘she’ is kind of dumb in the first place though.  So really, it’s no biggie.”

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