Stephen A. Smith


Stephen A. Smith really likes being connected to athletes.  He never misses an opportunity to tell the audience about how he’s good friends with all the Pros.


Anchor: Welcome back.  Stephen, what did you think about Steph Curry’s play last night?

Stephen A. Smith: Listen, I like Steph Curry.  I know Steph Curry.  I picked him up from the airport one time.  I didn’t even have to.  It just what friends do for each other and we are good friends.

Anchor: Moving on to the NFL, Cam Newton is solidifying himself as a legitimate MVP candidate in 2017.  What’s your assessment?

Stephen A. Smith: Listen, I like Cam Newton.  I know Cam Newton.  He is a dear, dear friend of mine.  I went to his birthday party last year and I bought him this really nice picnic basket set that he had had his eye on for some time.  He casually mentioned it to me in passing several weeks ago but I remember that type of thing because I am a thoughtful person.  Cam was thrilled with the gift.  He wrote me a very nice thank you note.  And he’ll be thrilled when he wins the MVP award next year.

Anchor: Turning to the National Hockey League, Sidney Crosby has extended his points streak to seven games straight.  Is he the hottest player in the NHL right now?

Stephen A. Smith: I am not familiar with this person.

Anchor: He’s a hockey player.

Stephen A. Smith: A what?

Anchor: Hockey.  Like ice hockey.

Stephen A. Smith: I still don’t follow.

Anchor.  Hockey, the game that’s played on ice.

Stephen A. Smith: HAHAHA!  Played on ice….yeah right….  Now that would be something to watch.  People slipping and falling all over the place!

Anchor: You don’t know Sidney Crosby?  He’s make $12 million a year?

Stephen A. Smith: Oh, Sid-ney Crosby.  Yes, I know Sidney Crosby.  I know him intimately.  We are very, very close.

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