We Asked These Marijuana Dispensary Owners About The Coldest Marijuana They’ve Ever Sold

Five Medical Marijuana Dispensary owners. One question: “What’s the coldest marijuana you’ve ever sold?” Here’s what they said. 

   1. Anthony Parker – “When you say coldest, you mean like actual temperature?”



2. Jason Capelli – “I keep the store at about 73 degrees so it doesn’t vary that much.”



3. Joshua Greenblatt – “I’m not sure I understand the question.  Selling marijuana at cold temperatures doesn’t really do anything.”



4. Christian Banks – “Around September of last year, I’m in my stockroom going through my inventory, mostly checking the amount of different strains and whatnot.  I’m counting  the Chemdog and the Purple Kush and the Super Lemon Haze.  I look over at my loading dock and I see a Magneto-Optical Trapping machine and a shipment of strontium monoflouride.  Fed Ex must have made a mistake but I never look a gift horse in the mouth, you know?  So I fire that thing up and we’re really getting down there.  I’m talking around -270 degrees Celsius!  Like just scraping the theoretical limits of how cold atomic structures can get given our current understanding of physics.  Then my one employee Goosk comes over and says that I should throw a fat nug in there.  I thought that was a far out idea.  So I dip a sticky tree in the cryogenic refrigeration unit and I think it started some sort of irreversible chain reaction which created a new type of motionless exotic matter.  Needless to say, Goosk threw me a twenty for it and I was like, ‘Cool’.”


5. Omar Russel – “I don’t really know.”



*This is a ripoff of http://www.clickhole.com.

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