Reptiles Looking Forward to Ruling Earth Again Relatively Soon


Cambodia – Stating that they’re ok waiting around until we humans die off, in a statement today, Reptiles expressed optimistic anticipation of once again ruling the Earth.

Understanding that mankind is now on an irreversible path to their own annihilation, the cold-blooded tetrapods stated that they’re “pretty pumped” about getting their spot back on top of the food chain.

“Think about it,” said a Northern River Terrapin. “We were running things for a while and then that meteor hit and admittedly we weren’t prepared.  But we’re excited for the future once the warm-blooded bi-peds consume all of their resources.”

Citing that they already have cool abilities like color-morphing skin, deadly venom, and appendages which grow back if lost, Reptiles believe it only makes sense that they make it back to the top eventually.

“We had a good run in the Cretaceous period,” said a Guatemalan Helmeted Basilisk.  “We’ve been in rebuilding mode ever since and I think we have a strong group put together.”

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