Total Jokes: 12/31


  • Uber says it has given 1 billion rides since 2010 which has broken the record set by your mama.
  • In Florida, a U.S. Postal Service worker was arrested after police said she hit a parked vehicle with her mail truck while under the influence of alcohol.  Apparently, nothing stops the Postal Service from delivering the mail.  Neither snow nor rain nor Peach Schnapps…
  • A YouTube clip of a priest in the Philippines riding one of those hoverboard up and down the aisle of a church during Christmas Mass has gone viral.  When he was preaching about fire and hot brimstone, he was talking about the temperature of his feet.  
  • A new study shows that restaurant customers are four times more likely to order dessert when their server is overweight.  The same study shows that customers are nine times more likely to order alcohol when their server is raging drunk.  

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