Total Jokes: 12/20

  • We asked 100 people if they knew the difference between Ms. Columbia and Ms. Philippines…


  • Indiana Pacers forward Paul George reportedly received a thirty-five thousand dollar fine from the NBA on Saturday for using a profane word while criticizing a referee.  In related news, my Dad owes the NBA seven-hundred and forty million dollars.
  • The US average for gasoline has hit $2.00 per gallon the lowest since 2009.  Good news for the US economy.  Great news for frugal arsonists!
  • A Salvadoran man is being sued for $1M stemming from an incident in which he was stranded at sea and ate his fellow shipmate.   The man was quoted as saying, “I mean, he was good.  Not $1 M dollars good…but you know…fine.”
  • A church in the German capital of Berlin recently held a Star Wars-themed service as part of a series attempting to attract younger members.  Stay tuned next week for a Sermon titled “Netflix and Goodwill”.

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