The Offices of


Today we visit the offices of, a website that generates and licenses high-resolution photographs of any situation you can imagine.  BARRY, the Editor-in-Chief, is speaking with DONNA, a Senior Business Analyst, about how to make the company more profitable.

Barry: OK, Donna.  What are the results of your study?

Donna: Well sir, we’ve been going over some of the search data on our site and we realize that we aren’t providing every solution to our customers.  They’re looking for images that we simply don’t have.

Barry: How is that possible?  What are we missing?

Donna: For instance, we received over 2,400 search queries last month for “Man Dancing with Garden Hose.”  We have no images that match that search result.

Barry: Wait a minute, I entered those words in and I see a man holding a garden hose.  Wouldn’t that meet the people’s search demands?

Donna: Yes, but he isn’t dancing with it.  You have to remember sir, we are living in a specialized economy.  People don’t want to be told no.  If we want to thrive, we need to provide the people exactly what they want.

Barry: Ok, what are the other top searches that we don’t have images for?

Donna: Number two: “Ticklish Rainbow.”  Number three: “Bulgarian Man Throwing Baked Potato Like a Football.”  Number four: “Cartoon Water Heater.”  Number five: “Corgi in Brown flannel Shirt.” Number six: “Really Rare Steak.  Like Really, Really Rare.”  Number seven:”The Prophet Mohammed.”

Barry: Uh…well…we can’t on that one…you know…

Donna: Yeah definitely, that one is just like…

Barry: Yeah, we’re not going to…you know…act on that one.

Donna: Right, right.  Just the environment right now is like…

Barry: Exactly.  The rest…totally…but…that one…

Donna: No, no, no…I got you…I’m with you 100%.  And number eight: “Woman Throwing Tomahawk at a one of those Dyson Air Blade Hand-dryer things.”  If we added these images alone, then we could capture over 10,000 new customers.

Barry: Jeez.  These are really specific.  But if you think it will increase our market share….Carol?

Carol (enters): Yes, Mr. Kalman?

Barry: Can you get Maggie on the phone?  I have a few freelance assignments for her.

Carol: Certainly.

Barry: And Carol, let her know that she should be on the look out for any women with tomahawks.

Carol: Tomahawks…got it!


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