The Gathering



Far below the surface of the Earth a meeting takes place. The room is a cold bunker. The participants gather around a table. The outcome of this meeting will decide the fate of the world. It is up to this group of thought leaders, men of great intelligence and insight, obscure rap stars, all of them, to steer the world in the right direction.

Bone Crusher: Good evening Gentleman. We have been brought together on this evening to make very difficult decisions. These decisions will invariably alter the course of the World. I call to order the Gathering of Obscure Rap Stars. We will first discuss the mounting threat of ISIS in the Middle East. Craig Mack, the floor is yours.

Craig Mack: Thank you Mr. Crusher.  The recent encroachment of Russian airplanes into Turkish airspace has grabbed all of the headlines nationally, however what we need to be looking at more closely is the flow of oil from ISIS controlled sites into different nation states.  Our intelligence from embedded analyst shows that both Russia and Turkey are receiving barrels from the terrorist faction.  We believe that mapping out the transit routes and disrupting them may be the only way to starve ISIS.  I have already dispatched all members of Cali Swag District to conduct covert operations.  We should have a report within the fortnight.

Bone Crusher: Excellent.  Chamillionaire, could you please tell the group your findings from the economic study you’ve just concluded?

Chamillionaire: Certainly!  World markets are in a slide due to uncertainty regarding the situation in the Middle East.  And economic insecurity breeds political instability.  We must do something.

Mims:  Aye, but surely you don’t suggest we somehow artificially inflate the price of a barrel of oil!

Chamillionaire: It is controversial I know, but if we follow John Stuart Mills’ teachings of utilitarian distributive justice, than surely we can sacrifice these free market principles in order to help the people of the world.  The greatest good, my friends!

AZ: This is an outrage!  Toying with the invisible hand?  Have you lost your mind man?

Styles P: Here, Here!

Bone Crusher: Now gentleman, the first principle of the Gathering is civil discourse!  Perhaps we should take a brief respite to gather our respective composure.  We have a full day ahead of us.  Black Rob still needs to present his ideas for creating an infrastructure in Europe for electric cars.  Then Asher Roth and Bobby Shmurda will have separate brainstorming sessions on what to do about race relations in the United States.  Finally, the delegation from Disturbing Tha Peace will discuss options on where to hold our annual “get-away retreat” this year.

Project Pat: I vote for Tuscany!



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