New Restaurant for Soon-to-be Parents Allows Diners to Eat Gourmet Meals Over a Trash Can


Brooklyn, NY – This weekend marked the grand opening of a new restaurant which gives pregnant couples a chance to glimpse into their future culinary experiences.

Poubelle from head chef Hector Rawls features fine French Fusion and  will encourage patrons to eat their meal right over a garbage can or kitchen sink.

“We wanted to be authentic to the parental experience,” said Chef Rawls.  “Our entire restaurant was built to replicate the eating habits of a new parent.”

The menu features everything from a half-assed peanut butter sandwich to a handful of raisins.  The restaurant will be open at 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM.  Then it will be open again at 12:30 AM and…Christ…here we go again…at 4:12 AM.

As for ambiance, the dining room PA system will play certain sound effects on repeat such as the clattering of something falling onto a tile floor and the sound of a kid softly whining for no damn reason.


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