Despite Calls for Solidarity, French Still Unwilling to Eat at Buffalo Wild Wings’ Paris Location


Paris, France – French people are defying the terror Isis attempted to wreak in their capital by returning to cafes, bars and bistros like the ones targeted in Friday’s attacks.  However, source say that they’re still not going to go to Buffalo Wild Wing’s Paris location.

Thousands of hungry Parisians flocked to the many eateries in the city limits, supporting all local businesses and fellow citizens.  Wait times soared at nearly every restaurant, with the exception of the Buffalo Wild Wings, located at the corner of Dauphine and Lussac streets.

Citing that they were all for a show of support, but not willing to sit down and eat an order the Dry Rub Cajun Chicken Wings, the French people spoke clearly with one united voice.

“The terrorists will not disrupt our way of life,” said Parisian Claude Jonagain.  “We did not eat at Buffalo Wild Wings before, nor will we eat there now.”

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