Frustrated Carl Quintanilla Asking Left-Over Debate Questions to Cashier at Trader Joe’s


Boulder, CO – Insisting that he still had “a couple of good ones”, CNBC Republican Debate Moderator Carl Quintanilla asked a series of scathing questions to the man ringing him up at an area Trader Joe’s.  In the wake of his broadcast team’s embarrassing treatment of an important political event, Quintanilla berated the cashier with thinly-veiled criticisms disguised as thought-provoking questions.

“I was just asking him how he was enjoying Colorado,” the cashier explained.  “He then started grilling me about a time when I missed payment on a Comcast bill and how I could be expected to ring him up correctly when I clearly wasn’t in control of my own life.  Then when I tried to respond, but he just kept saying ‘You’re out of time.'”

Admitting that he didn’t “get Rubio” like he thought he would, Quintanilla fired question after question at the cashier with topics ranging from the man’s divorce to his personal finance record.

“At one point all the customers waiting in line behind him were booing,” the man continued.  “He still didn’t get the clue though.”

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