Report: Starbucks Barista Must Really Like Infinity or Something

Bloomington, IN – After a close examination of her wrist tattoo, experts concluded that the girl who works at Starbucks on Park Drive near the CostCo has to be really into infinity.  Noting that she must have thought enough of the abstract mathematical concept to make it a permanent part of her body, the only conclusion that the report could come to was that the girl must have a deep interest of sets of integers that have no limits.

“It represents how like we’re all made of stardust and this human form is just temporary,” said the 21 year-old employee as she dusted a Toasted Graham Latte with a pinch of cinnamon.

Despite having a tattoo of a symbol which has advanced applications in calculus, geometry, set theory, and physics, the employee could not make change for a $5.00 bill on a tab of $4.32.

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