New Encyclopedia Entries: 10/13

Notebook – small book or binder containing blank pages of paper on which you can write about your undying love for Tanner.  Even though he is in 11th grade and you’re just a freshman, a notebook can be used for inscribing, recording notes or drawing large bubble-letters of Tanner’s name with wedding bells hovering over them.

Assyrians – just another ancient society that had good enough sense to collapse entirely before Charlemagne came rumbling through there and ruined everything anyway.

Teapot Dome Scandal – one of the many disgraceful instances of government malfeasance whereby a scandal was improperly named after US Administrators were swayed by special interest groups.  Originally titled, “The Leasing of Naval Petroleum Reserves Without Competitive Bidding” scandal,  the naming rights of the incident were sold under-the-table after representatives of the Lipton Tea Company and American Dome, a subsidiary of US Steel, bribed President Warren G. Harding and Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall.  Lobbyists from both companies reportedly struck kick-back deals with the administration in order to increase public consumption of delicious tea and luxurious domes.

Couch  see Flatulence Sponge.

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