Apparently, Co-Worker Expresses Frustration by Tapping Loudly on Keyboard

Bristol, CT – Employees at CTP Solutions reported today that Junior Account Executive Scott Bower must have been having a bad day, judging from how loudly he was stroking the keys on his keyboard.  The loud, arrhythmic taps could be heard all the way down to the big color printer.

“I’m not sure what was going on with Scott,” said Marcia Gabriel, a co-worker.  “But he really was hammering that spacebar.  Must have got some bad news about that Penske account.”

Noting that the sharp, percussive sounds of the keyboard were accompanied by the frenetic rattling of his mouse, fellow employees believe that Bower is likely in over his head, overwhelmed or otherwise staggered by the events of the day.

“Plus every time he hangs up the phone he is always whispering something under his breath,” said Gabriel.  “He knows I can hear him but I’m not sure if he wants me to ask him what’s wrong or what.”

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