Top Five Best Tasting Children’s Books

Editor’s Note – This is a guest post written by Charlie McCormick, a 7 month-old in my son’s daycare center.


The world of tasting children’s books doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Don’t let the terminology and technical jargon scare you off.   With a little experience you can start down the road to being a true aficionado.  This is a short list of some of the most scrumptious texts on the market today to get you started.

Thomas and the Freight Train by Reverend W. Awdry – I will say I was skeptical when I first licked the cover of Thomas and the Freight Train.  To me, the Brits always serve fare which leaves much to the imagination.  But boy was I surprised!  This book has hints of oak, apricot and currants.  It finishes clean and bright and is not too sweet.  The book tastes best when paired with your entire fist or the edge of the coffee table.

Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle –  Several earthy components to the pages give it a really authentic, organic taste.  This contrasts the subtle notes of vanilla and licorice in the aftertaste.  Nice balance with a full, round body.  For some reason, the book is best served after being knocked out of your dad’s hands and onto the dirty kitchen floor.  It really opens up the bouquet.

Like brownies, many people treat the crispy edges of this book like a delicacy in and of themselves.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle – I soak the top part of my shirt with drool just thinking about this unbelievably yummy book!  The colors are what draws you in but it’s the zesty taste with hints of wild pepper that keeps you coming back for more.  The Caterpillar is sure to blow your mind (almost literally if your fontanel hasn’t completely closed yet).

Pajama Time by Sandra Boyton – This book is a classic.  Boyton consistently puts out absolutely delicious books, but this is easily her best.  It features nice thick pages which you just can’t wait to sink your gums into.  It is rich, decadent and creamy. There is a stick to your ribs quality that will be sure to facilitate a hefty bowel movement which will likely ruin any cute outfit you were wearing.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn –  My mom left this one on the couch.  What a portion!  Most of the books on this list only have a few pages to chew but Gone Girl had over 300 savory pages.  The taste may seem a bit harsh at first but I found the thin pages easy to rip off and stick in my mouth.  My mom immediately pulled it away from me and said it’s not a children’s book, which has only left me wanting it more!

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  1. Pittsburgh Comedian Jeff Konkle · August 25, 2015

    Excellent post to start the 6am wake up of the first day of school!

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