Total Jokes 7/28/15

+ The Arizona Cardinals have hired Jen Welter as an Inside Linebacker Coaching intern, a big step for workplace equality in the NFL.  As the first female coach in pro football history, Jen will not be getting paid 75% of what her male counterparts make.  Since she’s an intern, she won’t be getting paid at all.

+ Welter earned her undergraduate at Boston College, then earned a Master’s degree, then went on to earn a Doctoral degree in sports psychology.   Welter is hoping inspire future generations of women who want student loan payments until they’re 62.

+ German car company Volkswagen is now the world’s most dominant car manufacturer.  Volkswagen accomplished this by first invading the Polish auto market, then occupying Denmark and Norway’s roads with affordable Passats.  Then they started dropping Jetta’s on Great Britain day and night for several weeks.  Then the French just let them waltz right in…

+ A new study revealed that CEO’s for large companies like Wal-Mart and Starbucks make an average of almost $6,000/hr.  So go ahead workers, take a couple pens home with you.

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