Actual Quotes about Jerry Seinfeld from the Comments Section of a Article

“Michael Richards, Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus carried Seinfeld. Without those wacky character, the show would suck. ”

“Seinfeld should be used to people not laughing at his jokes by now.”

“Pompous entitlement (‘I was marginally funny in the 90s and made a ton of money. now you must laugh at all my unfunny jokes or you’re PC!!’) rarely goes very far in these comments boards.”

“Look, he’s an incredibly entitled near billionaire who has made his money making people laugh about how self-absorbed he is. What else is new?”

“Sealed in his bubble of sychophants and residual SAG-enforced royalty cheques (a union for the acting elites) he can wear a new pair of high tops every day, laced up by whomever he is paying to laugh at his jokes, but he is long past his best before date and might consider making fun of how ludicrous it is to be super rich and fly on private jets instead of trying to be ‘one of us’.  He isn’t, nor has he been for a long, long time.”

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