Corey Schwepp’s Tips for a Happy Wife During Pregnancy

Ed. Note – Corey Schwepp is a contributor to this website.  He has been a trusted resource for navigating parenthood. 

Being a new dad can be difficult. Your main role in this new family dynamic is to support the woman bearing your child.  Here are some tips on how to keep your wife happy during her pregnancy:

– Volunteer to get the groceries, do the laundry, etc.  Even if it’s just cooking a simple meal, every little bit helps!

– Make time to listen.  As a partner, you need to be there so she can vent about her fears and frustrations of the gigantic change that will be coming soon.

– Compliment constantly.  Her body is going through tremendous changes.  Remember to tell her that every part of her is beautiful.  Especially her feet.

– Muscles get sore during pregnancy.  Especially feet muscles.  Did you know the foot alone has over 37 muscles?  Give her a nice long foot rub when she gets home from work or in the middle of the night.

– Time is going to fly by so take pictures of her feet now when her ankles are at their peak circumference.  You’ll be able to look back on those photos one day and really enjoy them.

– Babies can be expensive.  Start a side business to bring in some extra revenue.  Maybe start a website where people can post pictures of their wives feet in high heeled shoes or strappy sandals or just standing in a puddle of water or something. Believe me…there is a market for that type of thing.

– Your love life will change in unexpected ways.  Try something new!  You’ll never know what might tickle your fancy.

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