Final Episode of Mad Men to Be Split into Three Seasons

Los Angeles, CA – With the Mad Men’s final episode looming, executives at AMC have decided to capitalize on the marketability of iconic show by breaking up the series finale into 3 separate seasons.

“We decided that since our viewers are all a bunch of slack-jawed, inbred corpuscles, who will gobble down any garbage we feed them, what’s the harm in milking a few more weeks of primetime reruns?” said show creator Matthew Weiner.  “They’ve stuck with us this long.  So we’d like to see if we can finally dislodge some of the no-talent, unemployed, moronic fan base and get them to admit this was just a giant waste of their time.”

The episode is planned to run until the first commercial break, take an eight month hiatus, then resume in 2016.  The next nineteen minutes of the episode will be shown in February of 2016, with another break and final resumption and completion of the episode expected in 2018.

“We know fans are going to be disappointed,” said Weiner.  “There won’t be any resolutions or revelations.  Loose ends will remain loose.  We just want to see if we can get them so pissed off that they will finally admit that we tricked them and that we’re better than them.”

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