Per NCAA Student-Athlete Regulations, Urban Meyer to Be Paid in School Credits

Columbus, OH – Ohio University Football coach Urban Meyer has inked a blockbuster deal in which he will earn $6.5 million dollars in elective credits every year until 2020.  Following the same compensation principles that apply to student athletes, the 50-year old head coach will be able to enjoy additional perks like free room and board, textbooks and full access to Ohio State’s meal plan.

With the average cost of college education sitting around $23,000 per year, Meyer should be able to earn many advanced degrees while working full-time as the head coach of a Division I football program which generates millions of dollars.

“I have to have something practical to fall back on,” said Meyer.  “Having 13,280 credit hours at my disposal should really allow me to find a career that I am passionate about just in case I can’t make it in the pro’s.”

“Also, they have a ping-pong table at the gym, so that’s pretty cool.”

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