Girlfriend’s Father Not Impressed by Cursory Knowledge of WWII Aircraft

Toledo, OH –  Local boyfriend Tad Lubecki failed to connect with Thomas O’Malley, the father of his girlfriend, by showcasing a fleeting knowledge of the WW2 aircraft.  Despite throwing out terms like “carrier-based naval bombers” and “rotorcraft,” the 22 year old liberal arts major was not able to spark a conversation with the 65 year old father and retired bricklayer.

“I kept trying to get him to open up by saying things like, ‘For my money, the best transport glider hands down was the Russian-made Gribovski G11,'” said Lubecki.  “But the guy didn’t bite on anything.”

The conversation took place as they both waited for Lubecki’s girlfriend, Lisa O’Malley, to get her purse from upstairs.  O’Malley had previously warned Lubecki that her father was “into the history channel and stuff.”  Lubecki developed a plan should he ever have to interact with Mr. O’Malley, which involved stopping by a Barnes and Nobel and reading two pages from The Black Sheep: The Definitive History of Marine Fighting Squadron 214 in World War II. Lubecki internalized a handful of random facts, hoping that his use of these terms would gain him some credibility.  Unfortunately for Lubecki, the stoic O’Malley did not return the volley of conversation starters.

“He asked me some follow up question about diesel shortages in the Pacific theater and I just froze up,” said Lubecki, who was visibly shaken.  “I think I mumbled something about how I liked his mustache and just decided to wait in the car.”

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