Local Man Believes Rugs Are Too Expensive

Thinking he was just going to get out of there spending seventy five dollars, local resident Tom Gazzbar left the World of Rugs retail location empty-handed after failing to find a 8′ x 12′ area rug in his price range.  Believing that a huge, fifty pound piece of fabric would somehow cost less than a pair of jeans, Gazzbar admitted that he got it all wrong.

“I went to like six different places and they were all like way more than I thought they’d be,” said Gazzbar, whose mother had repeatedly suggested that an area rug in the dining room would really spruce the place up a bit.

Gazzbar did not feel that 96 square feet of hand-woven wool, shipped across the Pacific Ocean, trucked to a Distribution Center then sent to a retail outlet which surely marked it up, was not worth the two-hundred and thirty dollars it was priced at even though the rug would probably last his entire lifetime.

“I was hoping to get something in like that sixty to seventy dollar range.  Eighty tops,” said Gabzzar.  “I’ll probably just throw a sheet down or something instead.”

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