Study: Birth of First Child Leads to Loss of Sense of Humor

(Cambridge, MA) – A new study published in the Harvard Science Review claims that parents experiencing the birth of their first child lose almost all capacity to say or do anything funny at all.  The double-blind study focused mainly on people who were once considered funny or humorous by their peer group and followed those people through the final 3 months of pregnancy on through the first month of parenthood.

“Our research showed that people who were considered laugh riots by their friends and co-workers appeared to be less funny overall after only a few weeks,” explained Dr. Karl Rossi, lead researcher.  “We are dubbing this disease “Risusia,” which is Latin for the sudden loss of laughter.”

One study participant, a local stand-up comedian, was rendered completely unfunny after the birth of his son.  After years of developing jokes and thinking in a humorous way, the study participant could not formulate one cohesive thought that he deemed to be funny.  Nothing.  Like nothing at all.  It’s not that things aren’t funny.  There are still funny things.  But the study participant could no longer explain why things are funny or make them funny to anyone else.

Researchers believe “Risusia” is caused by multiple factors including diet change, loss of sleep, and the fact that a child makes you get out of your own stupid head and focus on something other than yourself for a goddamn change.  “It’s widely accepted that well-developed sense of humor is a form of mental illness anyway,” said Dr. Rossi.  “Therefore, many participants who have acute Risusia seem to be eerily fine with it.”

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