The Fifth Day

Holocron Date 001.025.2015

It is insatiable, this thing. The dark only seems to make it louder, angrier, hungrier. The fifth night of this infernal standoff and my party has done what we can to neutralize the beast but it is to no avail. We find our ourselves trapped, running out of resources and delirious.

I have heard the beast’s caterwauls ring echo in the black of night, cloaking his exact location. I have seen him feast upon the bodily fluids of my companion, who, psychotic from sleep deprivation, simply sat back and allowed herself to be drained. I have smelled him as well. Oh, yes. I have smelled him.

My team is currently running diagnostic tests on a sample of the black sludge that the beast left in his wake during our last encounter. We believe it to be some sort of attractant, not unlike the adhesive nectar secreted by the Venus Fly-trap, luring prey in and enveloping them entirely.

It is yet possible that we will survive, however improbable it seems at this point. If we do make it out, my report to Central Command will be a grave warning to those who might encounter or attempt to replicate a beast of their own.

Hail To the Republic. Hail to Emperor Ctijin. May the Many Hosts have mercy on us.

Hark! The beast awakens…

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