My Precious Little Joke

Humans have unrealistic expectations about the world. One time, I saw a guy get mad at a waiter because there weren’t any crackers with his soup. I mean, that guy really wants it all, doesn’t he?

“Excuse me, waiter. How do you propose I eat this liquid I ordered without it being crunchy at the same time? FIX IT!”  – Me


Silence. – The Audience


Amber rays of an Autumn morning’s sunlight
Shift onto the face of my sleeping little joke.
Flecks of morning dust flicker briefly from its
wavering eyes. A deep breath and a return to sleep.

No one will understand you my dear, my darling.
But I did and I do and I created you.
Maybe my maternal instincts lift patient courtesies
In front of your path, fraught with distractions and despair.

I should let you fail, let you stand on quaking pink legs
And show you the hard way that life is a cold swim.
If jokes were to dream, I’m sure you’d see me.
I heard you cry out, but I won’t rock you back to bed.

I won’t materialize in the midst of collapsing danger
I’ll just close the door for now, turning the handle
So that the click of the clasp won’t wake you.
You’ll see a set list soon.  A deep breath and a return to sleep.

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