Indie Band Perfectly Fine with Being Pigeonholed into One Genre

Nashville, TN – During a recent interview with Pitchfork, up-and-coming indie rock band The Crystal Lakes admitted that they are perfectly fine if audiences want to confine them to a certain sub-genre of music, if that’s what helps.

“We’ve been labeled as a post-folk grunge,” lead singer Bryce Gebhardt said. “I think I speak for the entire band when I say, they pretty much have us pegged.”

Citing the fact that they really are a one trick pony with not a lot of diversification in their songs, The Crystal Lakes are totally cool with pumping out a few records over the course of the next few years that will all essentially sound the same.

“That’s what people want anyway, right?” said Tommy Mill, bassist. “We’re not going to add a French Horn or some dumb thing just because we want an arbitrary change in the sound.  We’re not really talented enough to pull off switching to electro-pop in a few years anyway.”

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