A Day in the Life: Brad Pitt


“I know it’s in here somewhere.”  Brad Pitt rummaged around in the center console of his Hybrind Lincoln Navigator.  His fingers weaved through tangled GPS cords, a baggie filled with quarters, and container of Maalox.  The cashier at the window chewed her gum impatiently and looked at the growing line of cars.

The Academy-Award winning actor could not see into the deep cavern of the console.  He leaned over to get a better angle of attack.  “Damn seatbelt,” he muttered to himself.

“Sir, do you have any change that you could maybe use?” the cashier asked.  “It’s only $1.79.”

“No, I have it here, just hold on a sec.”  Everyone is always in some damn big rush,  he thought.  His fingers formed a pincer and probed around the outer-edges.  He felt a stiff, flat object pressed against the side.  He picked it cleanly off of the wall and pulled it out of the darkness.

“Gift card!” he exclaimed, handing it over to the girl.  She gave him his small, regular coffee and swiped the card through the register.

“You have $1.42 on the card.  Do you have $.37?”

“Abso-tutely,” the 50-year old humanitarian replied.  He reached in his toll baggie and produced two shiny quarters. Ooh, he thought.  Maine!  I might not have that one.

At the detriment to his collection, he handed the girl the $.50.

“$.13 is your change.  Have a great day.”

Brad Pitt pulled away from the window and into an open parking space at the McDonald’s.  He liked to take a few sips before getting on the highway.

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