Dan Bylsma to Bolster Team Morale with Jeans Day

(Pittsburgh, PA) – After losing by a score of 3-1 to the New York Rangers last night, Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Dan Bylsma decided that the team needed a break.

“You know, we come in to work everyday and it’s kind of the same old thing,” said Bylsma. “I really thought it’d be fun to just loosen up a bit. Throw on some jeans just to say ‘Hey, we’re having fun here, remember?'”

The team’s jeans day will make the Penguin’s game day dress code less restrictive than normal, but players are still expected to represent themselves professionally. Therefore, the following items are still considered inappropriate for game day dress:

· Jogging/Track Suits
· Any apparel/jewelry referencing the 2009 Stanley Cup Championship
· Bare-midriffs
· Gang Colors or bandanas
· Stirrup Pants/Leggings/Stretch Pants
· Skorts
· Backless, See-Through, Excessively Revealing or Tight-Fitting Clothing
· Flip-flops, Crocs or other open toed footwear.

Also, playoff beards may be worn during this time frame, but they must be neat and trim, reflective of the organization’s values.

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