Vindictive Wench Absolutely Knocks It Out of the Park

(Los Angeles, CA)  This week Vanessa Stiviano, the jaded, ex-lover of Clippers owner Donald Sterling, absolutely killed it.  In a matter of 48-hours the entire Sterling empire has been ruined.  A private conversation in which Donald Sterling spews his ridiculously ill-informed opinions on race was “somehow” leaked to the press.  As of now the multi-millionaire has been banned from the NBA, ousted from his ownership role in the Clippers, and deservedly disgraced by society.

Stiviano is currently being sued by Sterling’s wife Rochelle.  The lawsuit alleges that Stiviano engaged in conduct designed to “seduce, cajole cheat and/or receive gift transfers of wealthy men whom she targets for such purpose.”  It claims that the 31 year old received $2.5 million in gifts from the older Sterling, including a Ferarri and duplex in Los Angeles.

Stiviano responded by crushing it.  Just absolutely crushing it.

The move by Stiviano will likely go down in history as one of the all-time best examples of first-rate spitefulness.  Critics are already saying that she’s a guaranteed first-ballot shoe-in for the Vengeance Hall of Fame located in Detroit, MI.


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