The Winter Soldier

Marvel Studio’s latest release, Captain America: Winter Soldier, has been on a marketing tear the last few weeks.  Let’s take a look back to the decisions that led to this movie being one of the most anticipated of the year.  We join the meeting in progress…


BRODY HICKSON – CEO of Marvel Studios

TYLER HINES – Low level marketing employee  


BRODY: It’s getting late everyone.  We’ve been brainstorming for a long time and I don’t really see any ideas that I’m in love with right now.  Let’s break for the evening and we’ll start fresh tomorrow.  Remember when you’re home tonight, our first quarter is riding on the success of Captain America: Winter Soldier.

TYLER: (says something under his breath)

BRODY: What was that, Hines?

TYLER: I mean, I thought we had a great idea at the beginning of the day.

PAULA: Tyler, that’s enough.

BRODY: No let him talk.  This better be good.

TYLER: Yeah, well I really don’t think that we really took my initial idea into consideration.

BRODY: From this morning?  You can’t be serious!  That was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

TYLER: When the public thinks of Captain America, they think of powerhouses.  And what company is the biggest powerhouse in the furniture and electronics lease-to-own retail world?  Rent-A-Center!  That’s who.

PAULA: Tyler…

TYLER: No.  It’s a great idea.  We’ll co-brand the movie release with commercials touting great discount rental prices on TV’s or fine furniture.  People love renting furniture.  If we can associate Captain America with this great company, people will be smashing down the doors to see this movie.

BRODY: I’m going to pretend you’re joking.

TYLER: Captain America stands for liberty, justice, and doing what’s right.  With Rent-A-Center’s affordable leasing programs, their customers can’t go wrong!  Don’t you see the connection?

BRODY:  We’re done for the day.  That’s enough.

BRODY walks to the door.  The door is locked. 

BRODY: What the?  This door is stuck.

TYLER: Unfortunately Mr. Hickson, I’m afraid it’s time to get unstuck.  I’m in control now.  Your position here has been…terminated.

TYLER pulls a gas mask out of his suitcase.  Green fog starts to billow from the AC vents.  PAULA, BRODY and the rest of the meetings attendees begin to choke and gag.  After 30 seconds of struggling, they have all collapsed on the floor. 

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