Forbes Names Gotham City as “Least Livable”

Metropolis – Forbes has released its annual list of the “Most Livable Cities.”   The magazine measured five data points in the country’s 200 largest metropolitan areas including unemployment, income growth, cost of living, cultural opportunities and crime.  Topping out the list of most livable are Portland, Oreg., New Braunfels, Texas, West Madison, Wisc., and Westminster, CO.  Gotham City earned the dubious distinction of “Least Livable.”

Using the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s reports, Forbes determined that Gotham City had the most mass violence, chaotic mayhem, power-hungry lunatics, foiled bomb plots, city-wide prison riots, water supply tampering, and catastrophic building destruction of any other metro area in US.

Gotham was docked points for its high frequency of “Madmen Rampages”

City Mayor Harvey Dent seemed relatively unconcerned with the results of the annual review.  “Gotham has a thriving art scene as evidenced by our many, vulnerable and defenseless art galleries,” he said when reached for comment.  “Opportunity abounds for those willing to work for it in Gotham.  We have had more low-income individuals become millionaires than other city, although some say that statistic is correlated with our high frequency of theatrical bank robberies.”

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