An NBC Interview with Bode Miller

After just being knocked out of first place and into third, an NBC reported grabs skier Bode Miller for an emotional interview.  The reporter’s thinly veiled goal was obviously to ask whatever questions it took to make him cry on national TV.  It was ridiculous.  

NBC Reporter: I’m joined by Bode Miller, who will finish the third in the Men’s Alpine.  Bode, you’ve had a tough year.  What are you thinking right now?

Bode Miller:  Well I certainly didn’t ski my best race but I’ve had a rough year and I’m very happy to be on the podium.

NBC Reporter: Your brother died this year.

Bode Miller: Is that a question?

NBC Reporter:  No.  I’d just like you to think about it for a moment.  Your brother looked up to you.  How does it feel to let your dead brother down?

Bode Miller: Um…I don’t think I’m necessarily letting him down.  I still finished third.  That’s obviously not what I wanted but it was a good group of skiers I was up against.

NBC Reporter: Ok, so when your brother died, you were probably pretty shaken up by that right?  I mean, he died of a seizure.  As you crossed the finish line, did you think about his shaking body slowly releasing his young, bright life from this Earth, taking all his dreams and aspirations with him?

Bode Miller (getting emotional): Not really…but…I…

NBC Reporter: Do you ever think about maybe if you were with him that night, you could have saved him?

Bode Miller (tearing up): I always tried to be a good brother…

NBC Reporter:  Do you ever think about your parents dying too?  That would probably be very scary, you know…not having the people who love you unconditionally, whether you’re a winner or a loser, like you are here today, around any longer.

Why are you doing this to me?

NBC Reporter:  Your girlfriend tells me that you are unsatisfactory in bed.  Is that something that bothers you?

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