“The hardest thing for me is when someone passes me a baby.  Some people just do it so abruptly it’s shocking.  My sister-in-law has a newborn.  She’ll just toss that thing to me like we’re working at a Seattle Fish Market.  

‘8 pounds of Wild Alaskan infant coming at ya! $14.99 a pound!’ ” – Me

Polite nodding – Audience

The blustery silence of a deathly response
Takes aim at my dear joke through a cold scope.
Unsure smiles form crosshairs.
Then the punchline, but a bang and a wounded bit.
It wobbles and limps and slumps to the ground.
I’ll put a little cross out near the drift.
Imagery, accents, act-outs taken too quick.
Yet here it lies, with a hole in its side.
And I resort to old jokes to salvage my pride.

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