Hindu Council Releases New Hash Tag #YOLITUYARFTECTTAOE

(Hyderabad, India) – Today the National Council of the Hindu Religion unveiled a new marketing campaign aimed at a younger demographic. They have introduced the hashtag ##YOLITUYARFTECTTAOE which stands for: You Only Live Infinite Times Until You Are Released From This Eternal Circle Through The Achievement Of Enlightenment. Early reports indicate that the tactic is working. 

“Religions all across the board are experiencing significant declines in enrolment and attendance,” said spokesperson Ranbir Roshan. “Our belief is that if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. But dying really doesn’t have any real consequences so what’s the point, really?”
The movement has already caught on with many A-list celebs:


“We are very excited to see the hashtag catching on,” said Roshan. “We will be looking to release more Hindu-themed hashtags including #BrahminPeopleProblems, #OccupyNirvana, and #MoviesWithHindiGodsInTheTitle.”

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