Patience, Baby.

I think as a society we are getting less and less patient with children.  I was on a plane a few weeks back and I saw this guy get pissed at a crying baby. The baby was losing it during takeoff and he just couldn’t handle it. The guy was just mumbling to himself, “God can’t someone get that baby under control.”  It was that classic passive aggressive move, where you say something under your breath but you want it to carry just enough so the person you’re muttering about hears it.  He sat back down and cracked open his SkyMall Magazine, trying to ignore it.

If I was the parents and I heard that, I’d get riled up.  “Oh is our tiny baby bothering you?  We tried telling him it’s rude to scream on an airplane but he doesn’t understand logic or society or words yet. We’ll just stuff him up in the overhead compartment. I can see you’re very busy trying to find novelty alarm clocks shaped like Yankee Stadium.  So sorry to interrupt.”

Really I think babies would have a pretty good argument as to why they cry on planes. 

“Hi I’m Devin and I’m 12 weeks old. Here are the reasons I’m crying right now:

1) This thing is loud

2) When it shakes, I get scared

3) When the air pressure increases I feel like my soft, new skull is going to explode 


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