Pittsburgh’s “Best Fish Sandwich” Contests End In 234-way Tie Again

(Homestead, PA) – The results of this year’s annual fried culinary contest are finally in.  For the 34th year in a row, there are over two hundred restaurants, bars, pubs, VFWs, churches, barbecue stands, and tailgate parties that can all officially boast that they have the “Best Fish Sandwich in the ‘Burgh’.”

“I know it seems like a lot of winners,” said Panel Judge Tom Musial.  “But they are all so good!  We couldn’t decide.”

Criteria for the contest included: crispiness and the fact that the sandwich was made out of fish and put on some sort of bread.

“It’s honestly almost impossible to mess this up,” said Norma Delbroski of Calamities Bar and Grille.  “You put fish in a fryer and hope nothing explodes.  Outside of that, there ain’t too much too it.”

Here are a list of winners:

– Primanti Brothers (the good one in the Strip)

– Wholey’s Fish Market

– Peppi’s

– Deluca’s

– The Dor-Stop

– The Apple Inn

– Duke’s Station

– Dave and Andy’s

– The Royal (the one where Lisa’s brother got in that big fight, remember? Lisa broke her finger cause it got caught in that one girl’s hair? That was crazy.)

– Primanti Brothers (that one in Cranberry off 79)

– Calamities

– Cupka’s I

– Cupka’s II

– Every bar on the Southside

– Every non-residential building that serves food on the Northside

– Armando Spicolli’s Tailgate for Steeler Games (Golden Lot, sort of by the Clark Bar Building)

– Your Mum

– My Mum

– Every woman over 40 who lives in Bloomfield.


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