Traveling Business Man Makes Big Stink Over Hilton Garden Inn Ironing Board

Syracuse, NY – Last night the front desk of the Hilton Garden Inn on Erie Boulevard received a frantic phone call from Paul Hartman, a traveling Sales Representative.

“He was just complaining about the ironing board in his room,” said McKenzie Backlin, night-shift supervisor.  “He was really carrying on about it.”

Mr. Hartman had stopped at the hotel after a long day of sales calls which took him as far East as Rochester.  The grueling travel schedule included a trip to Henrietta in the morning to meet up with “that moron Tim”, a plant superintendent, followed by a lunch presentation “for a bunch of yahoos” in Seneca Falls.

The set of hardships apparently had reached its zenith when Mr. Hartman arrived in his room.

No hangars were harmed during the incident.

“You know, a guy spends $120 on a room for one damn night,” he explained over the phone to Ms. Backlin.  “You can’t even give him a god damn ironing board that works right!  The thing that locks it in place is either broken or missing or something because the damn thing won’t stand up.”

Mr. Hartman continued to state that he was a Hilton Honors Rewards Silver member and should not be subject to this type of negligent treatment.

A new ironing board was brought up to the room at which point the situation was resolved.