Foreign Sport Clips Customer Disappointed Experience Didn’t Include Soccer

“Kein Futbol? Das ist nicht gut!”

(Rochester, NY) – Area resident Hanz Merkel reported a less than stellar experience at the Sports Clips on Monroe Avenue, early Sunday morning.  Mr. Merkel, a German expatriate, said that he was lured to the retail chain under false pretenses.

“Their ads promised ein good experience.  To get my hairs to be cut while I watch sports games,” said Merkel.  “This did not happen.”

Mr. Merkel repeatedly expressed interest in watching a German Soccer game to the staff on duty.  However both workers at the shop, Debbie Klowkaski and Nicole Ross, could not accommodate his requests to turn on the match between German Bundeslige favorite FC Bayern Munich take on rival Borussia Dortmund. 

“He kept asking for this soccer match or whatever,” said Ms. Klowkaski.  “I got the remote out of the manager’s office and tried to find it for him, but I don’t think Scott subscribes to that stuff on Dish.”

Scott is her shift manager. 

This is not the first time Sports Clips has been perceived as unaccomodating to recent immigrants to the US.  Area resident Aditya Patel made similar complaints when he entered the establishment for a buzz cut and was not able to watch the remaining 12 hours of the Chennai Super Kings v. Sunrisers Hydrabad cricket match.  Sun-Yun Moon was turned away after Sports Clips associates could not find the Thomas Cup Badminton championship on ESPN or ESPN 2.  Jorgen Hyalmmerson was disappointed that he couldn’t get his pony-tail trimmed during an airing of the once-a-decade Norwegian fish dancing competition, in which a team of local politicians’ grandmothers don leotards and wrestle the largest “Lutefisk” in the country.

Sports Clips was unavailable for comment.