Area Man Mistakes Garbage Disposal Switch for Kitchen Light Switch Again



Garbage Disposal


Following a startling burst of noise emanating from his sink, area man Adam Bronkowitz realized that he had once again chosen to flick the garbage disposal switch instead of the kitchen light switch as originally intended.


“I just wanted to get a little bit more light to see if there were any Frosted Mini-Wheats left in the box,” he said, still shaken up from the incident.


Brokowitz has lived in his one bedroom apartment for 7 years, giving him ample time to memorize what switch does what.


“You’d think I would have learned by now,” he said chuckling to himself.  “Good thing I wasn’t trying to pry something out of there!”

Bronkowitz proceeded to open the refrigerator and place the empty box of Frosted Mini-Wheats on the top shelf.