Cone of Ignorance


Last night at the Improv I witnessed a relatively shocking phenomenon, something I haven’t seen in a long time: I saw a great comedian get booed.  Actually booed.

It all started because one group of idiots literally spoiled the entire crowd.  They were drunk, loud, and unbelievably ignorant.  They talked the entire time during the opener’s time and continued on through the feature’s act.  Their disruptive behavior ended up infecting the other audience members as well.  I recalled a Simpsons episode that described a Cone of Ignorance for any student sitting near Bart.



This group of careless morons was at the epicenter.  Needless to say, other audience members fell into the Cone.  And despite solid, quality jokes being told on stage, they just weren’t mentally capable of listening.  Soon enough, their ignorance became vocalized.  Luckily management approached the group several times and they finally left.  But not without trying to prove their point to the manager.



“So you’re just supposed to sit there and be quiet while the comedian is up there talking?  And you’re just supposed to listen??” 



That is an actual quote from a girl in the party that was getting kicked out.

I know the Improv is essentially in the customer service business.  And generally speaking, the customer is always right.  But to be honest, I’m glad those people had a bad experience, because they’re not the type of people you want back at a comedy show.



So to that group of people, I only have this to say: