Top 10 Most Memorable Comedy Bits of All Time (In My Opinion)




Ed. Note – These are some of what I perceive as some of the most memorable bits of all time.  The true test of a great bit is if it stays with you.  If you find yourself revisiting the logic from time to time.  Some of these bits are offensive, so please be warned if you are not ok with curse words then you probably shouldn’t watch the Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Bill Burr, Sam Kineson, or Kevin Hart videos.  


Jerry Seinfeld – Washing Machine




Jim Gaffigan – Seahorse


Bill Cosby – Dentist

Jim Breuer – Alcohol

George Carlin – Stuff

Dane Cook – Public Restrooms


Dave Chappelle – Sesame Street



Chris Rock – Polio



Sam Kineson – Go Where the Food Is!



Bill Burr – What are you?


Kevin Hart – Women and Fun